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Coca-Cola Christmas Truck | Diecast Model | Corgi 1:50

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Condition: New
Manufacturer: Corgi
Openings: Yes
Scale: 1:50
MPN: CC12842

Out of stock

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In 1931, Coca-Cola redefined how the world experienced Christmas with the debut of their iconic, red clothed Santa Claus in their advertising. Despite popular myth, Santa Claus had appeared in red clothing on numerous occasions since the 19th century, but the artwork painted by artist Haddon Sundblom came to define this famous gentleman the world over and create an indelible link with the Coca-Cola brand.

Haddon Sundblom’s famous artwork has appeared in Coca-Cola’s Christmas advertising ever since, and has been reproduced on the sides of the famous Coca-Cola Christmas Truck seen on television and in reality. In the UK, a Scania T cabbed truck has toured the country for the last decade, decorated in the livery replicated on this 1:50 scale model. By Corgi