Solido 1:18 Porsche 911 (930) Carrera 3.2 Green Model CarPorsche 911 (930) Carrera 3.2 | 1:18 SCALE

The mechanical revolution introduced with this version of the 911 paid off. The 911 Carrera 3.2 is a success and laid the foundations for the future at Porsche. In this green livery, this 911 and its huge spoiler can only draw your attention.Solido 1:18 BMW E30 M3 Blue Model Car S1801509

BMW E30 M3 | 1:18 SCALE

A BMW E30 M3 is always something. This icon of the German brand dates back to the end of the 80s; a time when a wide kit and a bit more horsepower were enough to make a sedan the most attractive car on the market! And let’s admit it: a blue BMW always has its little effect!Solido 1:18 AC Cobra 427 MK2 Blue 1965 Model Car

AC COBRA 427 | 1:18 SCALE

Caroll Shelby was a Texan pilot who was forced to stop his career in 1960 at the age of 37, due to health concerns. Thus began a dream of his to produce the ultimate American sports car, capable of competing with the likes of Ferrari and Porsche. First, the chassis, that he found with the English manufacturer AC Bristol. This married to a Ford V8, meant the car quickly became a winner. Facing off against the much heavier Corvettes, the light Cobra raced through the American states in its quest for glory. The 427 was launched in 1965 with a redesigned chassis, widened tires, buffed up wings, and a 427 cubic inch V8 engine good for 410 bhp.Solido Mercedes 190 Evo 2 1801001


If the 190 was the incarnation of a discreet and classic car, the EVO2 version quickly moved towards a more aggressive style. Introduced in March 1990, it revolutionized the sporty sedan genre. The German wiseman began packing heat, becoming aggressive and even impressive with its huge adjustable spoiler that seemed to have been nicked from a Ferrari F40. It adopted 17-inch wheels, fender flares, a front spoiler and a streamlined flat bottom to obtain an excellent air penetration coefficient of 0.30. The performances matched the sporty allure of the car with a 4-cylinder engine pushing 235 horsepower, propelling the Mercedes up to 155 mph (electronically limited).Solido 1:18 Renault 5 Turbo Rouge Grenade


The Renault 5 Turbo, the sports version of the urban Renault, was entirely rethought. Its purpose was to validate the 400 units necessary to accredit it for rally-driving. It’s Cléon Fonte engine was redesigned by Alpine. With its newly-installed turbo, it could put out 160hp. The positioning of the engine unit was changed, placing it in the middle rear of the car so as to distribute weight more evenly. 1678 units were produced before being replaced by the Turbo 2.Solido 1:18 Porsche 964 3.8 RS Yellow

PORSCHE 911 (964) CARRERA 3.6 RS | 1:18 SCALE

In spring 1993 the Porsche press office announced a new, extreme sport interpretation of the 911 theme. With the wide body (M 491) and sport suspensions based on the 3.6 turbo, a modified front spoiler and a striking, six-way adjustable rear wing, the three-part 18-inch Speedline wheels, raised the RS 3.8 significantly from conventional 964 RS with a weight gain of 140 kilograms.Solido 1:18 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Red


‘Cuore sportivo’: the promise is in the slogan of the brand. Alfa Romeo is sport and emotion, and in the year 1984 it was necessary to replace the famous GT Bertone and Alfetta GT coupés. The Aresian firm presented an elegant 2 + 2 designed by Giugiaro. This Fastback received the famous Italian V6 with its inimitable sound. This block would equip all Alfas to come for a quarter of a century, perpetuating the myth until the 2000s. Today still, this coupe represents for many the culmination of the sporting history of the Italian brand. Collectors and amateurs of Youngtimers are no fools and are still actively looking for remaining copies.


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