Unveiling the NZG 1:12 Mercedes AMG One

NZG is back with more Mercedes-AMG One models, this time in the huge 1:12 scale. This means that they’ll measure 40 cm long and weigh 2kg! Check out the key features below

Key Features

  • Openable doors
  • Adjustable rear wing
  • Adjustable aerodynamic flaps
  • Working wheels
  • Incredibly detailed interior and exterior
  • High quality details
  • Authentic carbon fibre detailing
  • Made mostly with metal

Order Your Model

Click below to order your very own 1:12 scale Mercedes-AMG One. Available in two colours silver or dark grey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE: A Hypercar with F1 DNA in its Bloodstream

Imagine a car so powerful, so technologically advanced, that it feels like a Formula One racer tamed for the streets. That’s the magic of the Mercedes-AMG ONE, a hypercar that blurs the lines between the racetrack and the open road. Buckle up, gearheads, because we’re diving deep into the world of this magnificent machine.

Straight Outta F1

The ONE isn’t your average supercar. It’s a culmination of Mercedes-AMG’s expertise and the winning technology from their Formula One racing team, Mercedes-AMG Petronas. Remember Lewis Hamilton dominating the tracks? The ONE’s engine boasts a similar pedigree. It’s a plug-in hybrid with a complex dance between a powerful internal combustion engine and four electric motors. That’s right, four! This symphony of power delivers a mind-blowing 1,049 horsepower. Let’s just say, slow is definitely not in this car’s vocabulary.

Numbers Don’t Lie (But They Might Blow Your Mind)

Here’s where things get crazy. The ONE can launch from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour (that’s 124 mph) in a mere 7 seconds. Need more perspective? 0 to 300 km/h (186 mph) takes a jaw-dropping 15.6 seconds. It’s like experiencing a rocket launch while strapped into a luxurious seat. The electronically limited top speed is 352 km/h (218 mph), but trust us, reaching those limits is strictly for professional racetracks.

Beauty and the Beast (Literally)

The ONE isn’t just about raw power; it’s a head-turner on wheels. The design is sculpted for peak performance, with muscular proportions, numerous air inlets, and lightweight forged aluminum wheels. Picture an F1 car embracing some sleek curves and you’ve got the idea. But don’t be fooled by its aggressive looks – the ONE is a technological marvel hiding beneath that gorgeous shell.

Tech Talk for Car Enthusiasts

The core of the ONE is a carbon-fiber structure, keeping the weight down for optimal speed. The aerodynamics are a marvel of engineering, actively adjusting to provide the perfect balance between downforce (that grip that keeps you glued to the road) and efficient airflow. The suspension is a sophisticated pushrod setup, ensuring precise handling and lightning-fast response.

One particularly interesting feature is the car’s F1-inspired driving programs. Imagine having a button that transforms your car into a track-ready monster. In “Strat 2” mode, the aerodynamics shift, the suspension tightens, the car lowers, and all the electric motors unleash their full fury. It’s like having a secret weapon hidden beneath the dashboard.

Limited Edition? More Like Impossible to Find

The exclusivity of the ONE matches its performance. With only 275 units ever produced, this hypercar is rarer than a diamond encrusted unicorn. Production began in 2022, and all the cars were meticulously hand-built by Mercedes-AMG. Fun fact: Mercedes received orders for more than four times the production limit! But exclusivity is the name of the game, and owning a ONE is a badge of honor for serious car collectors.

So, How Much Does it Cost? (If You Have to Ask…)

The price tag for this technological marvel is as hefty as its performance. The ONE set you back a cool $2.72 million. But hey, for a car that brings Formula One technology to the streets, that might just seem like a small price to pay.

Beyond the Numbers: A Legacy on Wheels

The ONE is more than just a car; it’s a symbol of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s a testament to the fusion of racetrack technology and everyday driving. Owning a ONE isn’t just about the speed; it’s about experiencing a piece of automotive history and owning a slice of the future.

Watch the Press Release from Mercedes

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