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Ferrari Testarossa 1984 | Resin Model | KK Scale 1:18

SKU: KKS DC180511
Exc. VAT: $108.31
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Condition: New
Manufacturer: KK-Scale
Openings: No
Scale: 1:18
MPN: KKDC180511
Dimensions: 24.9 × 11 × 6.3 cm

Out of stock

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Testarossa: a name that reminded fans of the generation of racing sports cars from the 1950s. In 1984 the name returned to the limelight with an exceptional road GT that replaced the glorious 512BB. That extraordinary, unique, unrepeatable GT with 400 horsepower engine received an innovative bodywork, also signed by Pininfarina, combined with a mechanical masterpiece that made the Testarossa capable of almost 300 km / h. The press of the time called it the Formula 1 of the highways. Even today, the Testarossa remains a classic Ferrari with a timeless shape. By David Tarallo