Ayrton Senna 30th Anniversary Collection

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On May 1st, 1994, the world of motorsport was plunged into mourning with the tragic passing of Ayrton Senna. His fatal accident at the San Marino Grand Prix in Imola not only shocked the motorsport community but also left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide. Now, 30 years on, Ayrton Senna’s legacy as a racing legend endures, celebrated by both his peers and a legion of fans. His remarkable achievements in Formula 1 continue to rank among the highest, and his popularity remains unparalleled. The saying goes, “Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.” To commemorate the 30th anniversary of his legacy, Minichamps is proud to introduce the Ayrton Senna 30th Anniversary Collection. This special edition series features models with a unique race finish, weathered design, capturing the essence of Senna’s dynamic racing style. Each piece in this collection is a tribute to the legend, limited to just 994 pieces, mirroring the year of his unforgettable legacy.

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