Amalgam – 1:18 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage Silver Birch

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  • Each model hand-built and assembled by a small team of craftsmen
  • 1:18 scale model, over 25 cms/10 inches long
  • Made using the finest quality materials
  • Over 800 hours to develop the model
  • Precisely engineered parts: castings, photo-etchings and CNC machined metal components
  • Built using original CAD designs developed from a scan of an original car
  • Archive imagery, paint codes and material specifications supplied by Aston Martin

Often billed as the “most famous car in the world”, the Aston Martin DB5 Vantage is widely considered to be amongst the most beautiful cars ever made and is often labelled as the most attractive built by the British marque. Certainly it is one of the most beloved, thanks largely to its now eternal association with a certain agent of international espionage.

Built between 1963 and 1965, the DB5 was nearly visually identical to the previous DB4. However, DB5’s most substantial change occurred under the bonnet: the introduction of a 3995cc naturally-aspirated straight-six, producing 282bhp and 280lb ft, with that power sent through to a synchromesh five-speed ZF gearbox and a robust Borg & Beck clutch to the rear wheels. It was the first time this engine was used by Aston Martin in a road car, having first seen service in the Lagonda Rapide (based on Aston’s DB4) and the Aston Martin DP215, the 1963 Le Mans endurance racer. Chassis changes included the adoption of the Girling disc brakes that had only been used on DB4 GT, along with 15” wheels. Many other improvements were incorporated including electric windows and twin hydraulic brake servos. Inside, the new car was more luxurious than any Aston before. A Normalair air-conditioning system was available as an option. However, the DB5’s many upgrades meant it weighed over 100kg more than the car it replaced, though the bigger engine kept things on track, reducing the 0-60mph time to around 8sec.

The DB5 was propelled to worldwide fame when used as James Bond’s car in the movie ‘Goldfinger,’ as well as a number of subsequent James Bond films, eventually spawning a special Aston Martin Works creation known as the Goldfinger Continuation that was built in 2020. The association with James Bond was a marketer’s dream, the perfect example of product placement, which nearly didn’t happen at all: Jaguar’s E-type was the preferred choice, but Jaguar turned EON down, and Aston Martin’s owner David Brown was also initially reluctant to supply a DB5. The rest is history, and James Bond’s gadget laden Silver Birch DB5 became an immortal silver screen phenomenon.

This fine 1:18 scale model of the Aston Martin DB5 Vantage features an exterior specification in the iconic Silver Birch, with an all-black interior. Following in the footsteps of the successful DB4 GT, the DB5 Vantage-specification engine featured an upgraded high-compression cylinder head, altered cam timing, and triple twin-choke Weber carburettors. Power also rose to 325 bhp, forty more than the standard engine, achieving 0-60mph (0-96.5kph) in 6.5 seconds. Aston Martin produced only 65 DB5 Vantages, of which approximately 40 were right-hand drive.

This model been handcrafted and finished in Amalgam Collection workshops with the co-operation and assistance of Aston Martin regarding original finishes, materials, archive imagery and drawings. The use of original CAD and supremely accurate digital scanning of the original car has allowed for perfect recreation at scale. Furthermore, the prototype model has undergone detailed scrutiny by the manufacturer’s engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation.

Note: This is a ‘Kerbside’ model and does not any feature moving parts.


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